︎︎︎ ABOUT

Conversations Film Project is a lifetime collaboration between French Visual Artist Chloé Mossessian and American Songwriter Henry Mittnacht (a.k.a. Hank Midnight).

An international duo, Chloé and Hank have learned firsthand the power of filmmaking as a mode of communication that can transcend barriers of language. While their films explore a wide range of subjects through different lenses, they all invite viewers to meditate on the same question: who are we in relation to the natural world and, by extension, to one another?

This question guides Conversations Film Project.


2021, Festival Premiers Films (Paris), Official Selection 2021 for Underground River
2021, Huet Repolt Artist Residency, Brussels
2021, New Filmmakers (New York City), Official Selection 2021 for The Hat
2019, Los Angeles Experimental Forum, Honorable Mention Award for Concert for the Sun
2019, Los Angeles Underground Film Forum, Honorable Mention Award for Concert for the Sun