Concert for the Sun (2019)

A film by Chloé Mossessian & Henry Mittnacht (Hank Midnight)

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Video V8, 16mm, Full HD
Images: Claude, Laurence & Chloé Mossessian
Original Soundtrack: Henry Mittnacht (Hank Midnight)

Concert for the Sun is a film that surrenders to the matter of the moving image: its structure is an alternance of archival footage showing two characters as poetic silhouettes, and of contemplative living photographs of landscapes, all immersed in a soundtrack — one interweaving songs and melodic sketches with the music of the natural world. The archival images are of Chloé’s parents, recorded in the late 80’s. These old tapes show the story of a young couple enamored of Nature. Without the use of words, the film explores the language of the Sun both as an instrument of linearity and form as well as a luminous reminder of that which is ephemeral, chaotic, and formless: the nature of our own being.